Help with this CruisePad Project please


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I'm trying to hardwire a motherboard with a serial or USB interface.
I've made a small site about the project, if you have time please check it out.

am very interested in learning more about the signals within the motherboard, I have always worked with and on computers, but never so far past changing RAM and drives and cables.

Also to add I am wondering a few things as I said on my site above
For anyone to pipe up about.

What kind of touch screen does the CruisePad use? undecided
(you can view it on my site. )
I hear there are a few different types, how does one tell?

Can I hotwire directly off a pin on a chip to access it's information without disrupting the circuitry of flow of the data as it's meant to flow. Namely (pin #16) of the TLC2543C
(aka, DATA OUT) - if not Why? and Where can I?

Is DATA OUT the only signal sent to the PC from the TLC2543C?
Or does (pin #17 - aka, DATA IN) or other need to be attached?

What "Signals" do I have to find and route to the PC Serial Port to make use of this CruisePad Touch Screen?

Is it Better to use USB for this Project?