Help with Skipping Nero's transcoding feature

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I have 2 questions to ask ?

1. Is it possible to skip Nero 6 and Nero 7 transcoding mode when making and burning a DVD ? the reason for that because it takes my old gateway from 5 to 9 hours just to transcode a movie and then 2 minutes to burn it. I really don't have all day and night for it to transcode a movie file I made myself from my TV tuner card. thats the reason why I need to know if I can skip the transcoding part. I heard that TDA can possibly do it but I need to know if I have other options.

2. I am using K-lite 2.79 full codec pack but it did not give me a mpeg or mpeg2 codec. can someone please tell me where I can download the real official version of these 2 codecs ? this also relates to my first question because I know that Nero loves to put avi files and others into mpeg2.



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NERO is very very slow at encoding

try gui4ffmpeg , its much faster and makes good mpeg2's with either mpeg2 or AC3 audio

dunno where to get the mpeg2 codec for encoding for windows, just decoding, but most apps like the above mentioned come with whats needed, this is part of the problem with a closed source OS

if your tuner card will output mpeg2 natively then no conversion is needed
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