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Hello everyone,
I am new here and quite new to this. I have been doing a lot of research and i can't get my head around one thing

I am trying to build myself a PC on a budget that will be good for tearing up the World wide web with.

SO far i have

Case: Cool master Enforcer mid tower
Processor : AMD Phenom || x6 1100t 3.6ghz
Mother board : Gigabyte GA-990xa-atx- amd 990x
PSU: Corsair 650HX Professional

Now as far as i am awear the motherboard has a Hyper transfer bus running 5,200 MT/S

now i been reading all sorts of things like ratios and stuff

Now i understand its important to run the right amount of RAM for this else the board will bottle neck

Now i can't for the life of me find out how to work out how much RAM i should use

I can afford up to 12gigs (but if its not the best and say 4 gigs is then thats what i will do )

I want the best perfomance

I also hope that all this so far will be compatable

any help will be much appreciated thank you



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Auckland681 said:
I am trying to build myself a PC on a budget that will be good for tearing up the World wide web with.

? - probably better to get a netbook.

anyway, bottlenecking is only a problem when one main component is considerably slower than a component that depends on it. For example, when you have a much better graphics card than your processor, the GPU is working harder and faster and the CPU can't keep up. Another point for that is you didn't include a GPU in your build. Again, back to the point that the Phenom II x6 1100T is a gaming processor pure and simple, not a processor for web surfing. Unless you include a GPU capable of working to satisfactory level alongside the 1100T. Hypertransport is just a technology that allows CPU-RAM communication to occur independently of the FSB, allowing it to happen faster. Quantity of RAM becomes Largely irrelevant for most people above 6GB, what matters is the memory form factor (obviously in this case, DDR3) and the memory clock/speed (anywhere from 1066MHz to 2200MHz with DDR3) - that particular board supports memory up to speeds of 2GHz/2000MHz. It's a dual-channel board (the best memory technology currently available is triple channel, but this is only on higher end boards) meaning you should use dual-channel memory (install RAM in groups of two identical sticks, e.g. buy two dual channel kits.)

Using the specs you provided, I would recommend putting a GTX 560 or a 560 Ti in, along with 8GB (4x2GB) or 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 1600MHz memory, of reputable brand such as Corsair or Kingston (example models: Corsair Vengeance, Corsair XMS3, Kingston Hyper-X)


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Thank you for the fast reply

I need a processor that has VT technology

I will plan on running Linux OS

but i will also want to run Virtual box and run Max OS through it

this will be labourous and i need it to run as my current build without any loss speed

Really i want to gain speed

I didn't realise till today that front side bus was more to do with internet speeds