Help with NEW RAM!!!!!

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I use winxp home. I have 1.8p4. 640RAM.

I recently upgraded from 128 to 640.

I notice in task manager that the proceses and programs are now using MORE MEMORY! is this normal?

Also, it seems like there are more processes running now, is this okay?

Someone help,

Well as far as using more memory, many programs and windows operations will throtle down if you dont have enough memory. Same in reverse, you add memory, so it uses more to run better, thats pretty normal.

As far as more proccess, i think your imagining that, adding ram alone wont do that.

(By the way, many people, including me, have found that mixing memory brands and sizes can cause performance issues. You may want to consider removing the 128 and sticking with the 512.)
Good Call on the Ram Mixing,,, ram incompatibility is a frequent problem .. can cause multiple headaches

you can check the speed either by a (hopeful) label on the ram stick or by searching the chip numbers in a search engine.

more evident ram is as follows:


check to see that all sticks are of the same speed..

In XP, there are more processes that run, Local/System/User so it does LOOK like more are running, however, as the previous reply states a Ram upgrade does NOT increase processes
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