Help with netbook


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Hi. I spilled some soda on my Acer Aspire One a few months ago. It worked fine 'till yesterday and now the keyboard doesn't work, only some keys work if I push down hard. I checked out the part where it plugs into the motherboard, and it seems the clip that holds the ribbon cable in has broken off. Should I take my netbook in to be repaired and possibly get a new keyboard for it?


I would take it to get repaired yes. As for the keyboard, you could literally throw that in the sink full of water (assuming this doesn't need repair) or run some hot water over it to get the Soda off. Just let it dry completely off before re-attaching to the machine. I would let it set face down for a while, then blow it out side ways to get the water that's accumulated under the keys, then let it set sideways, and keep repeating until you find no water when blowing out with a can of air.