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Hi there, I am a slight novice when it comes to upgrading pc's. I will be over the easter holidays trying to upgrade an old pc Compaq presario 4122. The problem is that I dont really know its specifications i.e socket 7 slot 1 etc or what type of ram it has, and so can't buy the correct compnents. I have been to the compaq website but had no luck.

I basically I just want to speed it up (about 600 mhz would do) with 64 to 128mb ram. Is this possible? If so exactly what parts should I be buying.

Thanks in advance

Ok the RAM you need is EDO Non-Parity RAM. Its a 72-PIN SIMM.. here is the link to a place that sells it. Please keep in mind that with either MOBO that your system can have your memory must be installed in pairs.

The MOBO for your computer is one of two possible a 006210-101 or a 005400-101 assy #. You will need to know which one because one has a max memory capacity of 76MB and the other of 128MB. As far as I can tell the Processor max is only a P1 200. Below are some of the specs.

Also here is a place that sells the MOBO and CPU and RAM:

Hope this helps.
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