Help with internet connection


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Newbie here, so I hope this makes sense...

I have a Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop in my room that is connected to the internet using a Linksys wireless router. Yesterday, the internet was working great on my laptop then suddenly it died. Today, again, it won't work.

My "view all wireless networks within range" box indicates that I should check to see if my wireless switch is turned on. An icon in the lower right of my toolbar that is shaped like a circle with "radar signals/waves" indicates my wireless is turned off and my wireless adapter won't transmit or send signals while off.

What exactly am I supposed to do?

Solved it myself...didn't know the FN + F2 button was the culprit. Must've turned it off by accident while working on the laptop.

whoops...I fixed the problem myself...but instead of replying in a separate reply i think i added the solution to the original post as an edit.

Thanks all.