Help with friend's $800 build.


Daemon Poster
My friend has $800 to spend on a computer.
Basically I will be putting the desktop together for him.
He needs OS and all parts in that price.
No monitor or keyboard needed in this price.
He will basically be doing light gaming, so if we take away the cost of a Windows 7 copy, he has $700 to spend on a computer.
He wants to use all $700 so he could do light gaming.
He wants mostly performance, he doesn't care how the case looks or anything.
Just wants as much bang for the buck as possible :)
Lol I suck at picking out parts, I rely on you guys :D


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ocz psu's have lot of combo deals. So do motherboards and Ram.

Somtimes if you find a great deal you can save an extra 50+ dollars.


Daemon Poster
Alright thanks guys :)
I'll send him the list at 8:00 P.M. Central Time.
So if you guys wanna make some changes post 'em here.
So I could see what's better.