Help with Dual Monitor Setup


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I am attemping to run dual monitors but am having a little bit of an issue. I am using a FX 5200 PCI. Dual VGA output.

All the drivers are updated and everything seems to be working.

I plugged both monitors in and they both showed up. But after the windows boot screen one will just turn off.

I was thinking the gfx card could be faulty or not enough power from the powersupply to run dual monitors?

Its a Dell Dimension 2400. Windows detects both monitors and I checked everything out in the display settings and everything looks sound.



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Go to your desktop, click on properties. Go to the settings tab. There you should see your second monitor. Click on it, and then check the the "Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor" box.

Then click OK.


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Just make sure you disable multi display GPU acceleration, otherwise your performance is chopped in half.


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you know i have exactly the same problem "sometimes"

got my tv as my extended monitor and when i log on the background comes on my primary but my secondary stays blank, but if i move the mouse onto the secondary it shows up, if i drag a program onto the secondary it doesnt show up but the mouse will be there,

very weird n e ways since mine is only sometimes i just reboot and it sorts it,

check to see if your mouse will display on the secondary monitor ?

if so ill let you know if i ever find a solution to my problem