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I decided to take my ps2 competely apart. Upon having the joy of hooking everything back up I am getting an error message which says "no data." It has just been reccommended that I clean the lens on the drive reader, but since I am at work, I decided to toss it out for any other suggestions. Any ideas?

I have triple checked that all the cables are connected and eveything is pretty much put back together right. Just thought this may be a specific area other than the lens which I should check.

error message

In accordance with forum rules, I will humbly deny answering that question.

Could it be a ribbon problem or should it be soley a problem with a thumbprint on the lens?

haha, we are in the same place right now. my ps2 is totally apart, they make it like hell to get it apart. my cd drive got all jammed up and crap and it got knocked out of place, bumping into everything else, i just need some patience to sit down and look at it,
Take your time and clean the lens it should fix the error. And yes putting the little buggers back together is a pain.
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