help with database connection


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i'm thinking of starting a buissnes of my own and i want to connect my office to a database.
Can some one help me with what i would need to do so and how i could set it up myself as i have some knowlage of computers but not a lot so any info would be a great help:confused:


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Having a database is fine, but what for? It depends on what you will be using the database for. Being that you're going to start a business, you may want to look into programs that have a Web-based front end, with a MySQL backend. There are programs out there, but in most cases you will need a Web host. First and foremost, you must figure out what you want a database for. Customers? Contacts? Financial? Service Orders? Work Orders? Help Desk? The list goes on and on. For my business, I use several different databases, Access for Contacts and Work Orders, and Web-based apps on the server for other items such as forums and other programs. Decide what type of database you need, depending on what type of information you will collect and organize. Then research what type of databases would be best for what you will be collecting, Access, MySQL, etc.