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I am running Windows XP Home on my comp and also have Norton Systemworks 2002. After various crashes/freezes (I thought XP was supposed to be stable and crash-free!) I ran Norton Disk Doctor to check for problems. It says that there are errors in the volume bitmap. I checked the fix errors button and restarted my computer (according to Symantec's website, this just tells the system to run "chkdsk /f" at the next boot-up). When I restart, it posts, then shows the XP logo, then goes to a black screen. It sits here for about a minute then reboots (I assume because the operating system failed to load properly). Anyway, I have also tried running chkdsk from the run command - same story - black screen then reboots and I still have the volume bitmap error. How do I get the system to run chkdsk and repair the errors?! I even tried booting off the Windows CD and running the repair console - but it won't allow the /f switch on chkdsk! I really want to correct the errors (and get ahold of Bill Gates - one to one...). Any help would be appreciated.
Have you tried chkdsk /x /f
The /x will force a dismount which is the only way you can get the to the volume to fix any bad sectors. Now there's a /r option which supposedly "recovers" lost data on sectors, but I haven't tried it.
Yes, I can boot into safe mode, and I tried "chkdsk /x /f", but it says the same thing - "Chkdsk cannot run because the volume is in use by another process. Would you like to schedule this volume to be checked the next time the system restarts" I choose yes and reboot - always the same story. I reboot - the windows logo appears then a black screen for about a minute - then the system usually reboots (sometimes I have to hit the reset button) like normal - but it never runs chkdsk. Norton Utilities still says there is an error with the volume bitmap (listed under "security descriptors"). Any other ideas?
Boot to the XP cd, and instead of running the repair console, choose install, then select the partition and hit R for repair.
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