Help With BF2


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Well Iv been playing the game on all high settings except for a few. Its been really lagy so i turned a few to medium last night and but 4x AA on. It looked frigin awsome but then when i went to a differnt map the smoothness that was there in the previous map was destroyed and I was back to square one know that I cant run it smooth on all maps and have it look awsome. My rig is as followed

P4 3.2 prescot
1 gig corshair(ddr400-pc3200)
Evga 6800gt(all new drivers on card and on sound card (sound card= Sound blaster audigy)

What can I buy / do to allow me to run on mostly high some medium and some AA.... I hate running on all medium.Please let it be a under 100 doller fix. Ill over clock but not my cpu.