Help With Athlon Xp?

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Ok, so i decided the hell with paying $1500.00 for a computer. So, i go to build one. Did the research, bought the stuff and built it. Well, i have a 1.67 GHZ 2000+ AMD Athlon XP. I but a better motherboard and now that my pc is built i see that my processor is only running at 1.25 GHZ?? What the hell! Anyone, Someone, please help!! :(
FSB needs to be set at 133 and yours is more than likely 100 since you just put it in the new mobo..........$1500 and all you got was an AMD 2000+ XP?

Even $1000 you should have gone with AMD64
no, i didnt pay 1500.00 for it
it was my old emachines that i loved but needed more space for memory banks. so i salvaged the processor. i spent like 150.00 on the case and memory, and 100.00 on the mobo. it's like a new pc for 250.00 I mean 1500.00 cus thats what i paid for my labtop; which is a emachines amd64 3000+ and i just got it and didnt want to shell out another 1000 or 1500 for a desktop.
I know you didn't pay $1500 for it, I meant if you had that budget, why would you get an AMD XP 2000+ but I see what you're saying now anywho so it doesn't matter
This is what my pc says it is running at. . .how do i get the 200mhz bus speed up to 266 mhz, what its suppose to be. and the FSB is also wrong. its suppose to be 1.67ghz, and now it wont run anything higher than 1.25ghz. . . . grrrrr

AMD Athlon XP 2000+
FSB 100.00 MHZ
Bus Speed 200.00 MHZ
868 MB RAM
go into your BIOS and change it, that's how........your FSB is sitting at 100 when it's supposed to be 133, hence the lowered clock speed
the same thing happened to me , u have to go in bios , but with my luck ur bios wont let u change the fsb or multi , then u have to find a bios upgrade on the internet for ur mobo and chipset and flash the bios , go to and get a bootdisk for a floppy or cd , and load the .bin file and the other one on the disk, put it in and boot it up, then just run the bios file

i warn you if you jack the flash thing up , ur mobo is screwed , ull have to find another flash chip
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