Help with a generic burner that won't burn


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I have a generic burner from an old Sony vaio that I am trying to get to work on my new build. It plays dvd and cds fine, but any burning software I've tried (Burn4free and CDburnerXP) won't recognize it as a burner.

The burner just says:
Model No.: 16x12 DVD DUAL

After running DVD Identifier I found out it is a Ritek burner. I looked around but couldn't find any type of driver software and ritek's downloads page is a mess.

Can anyone help me get this baby up and running.

Thanks for any help!


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Sounds to me like its a firmware issue (not drivers) or that it just won't work as a burner anymore.
I'd check out Sony's website for the old Sony model the burner came out of and look for firmware updates for it. I realize you said it's a Ritek manufactured drive, but there's a chance Sony's site might have it.