Help with $1000-$2000 Gaming/General Purpose Build

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So I am in the market for a powerful computer in the $1-2k range. Not alot of thoughts on exactly what I should go for as far as parts. Months of research has told me only that there are alot of conflicting opinions on what parts are best for what. So I am hoping perhaps here to get an idea of what set of parts would go together to get me the best bang for my buck in that price range. I do have a bit of an idea, which may help a little here.

What I Know I Want:
- Intel Core i7 Processor (the 920 looks pretty nice but again I am unsure)
- Much prefer to have an Asus motherboard though willing to go to something else if I can get hard facts showing another mobo as better for my needs
- Nvidia graphics card... nothing against ATI but past problems with getting it to work with linux has me staying away from that since I will likely be dual booting win7/ubuntu on this thing
- Dual monitor support, as a web developer this is an invaluable tool I have been wanting for years
- Multiple hard drives as I have had drive issues in the past and want to split them up best as possible. At minimum I'm looking for a small OS drive and a 1TB data drive. RAID 1 data drives would be nice but I won't be upset if it isn't feasible.

As a final note this will be a dual purpose machine. I will be using it for plenty of gaming but it is also going to get a bit of use for work related things including programming and 2d graphic design. Thank you in advance for any help you can give. :)
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