Help us with our slogan, $10 reward !!!

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First of all, I wouldn't like to fall into the self-promotion or advertising post (and then brake any forum rules) so please, mods, if I published this thread in the wrong area, moove (or delete :() it to the relevant place.

"...The word slogan comes from sluagh-ghairm (pronounced slogorm), which is Scottish Gaelic for battle-cry..."

Even if, at its origin, the slogan was employed during battles and fights, I found that our sounded a bit aggressive agaisnt our competitors, didn't it?

"Finally a name you can trust."

I saw many nice slogans in signatures, here and around, that I thought it might be a useful/interresting idea to ask members their point and view, and their help, on our.

If I am allowed to, I would like to start here a mini-contest or game-event.

Until next wednesday, the 9th of August at 12PM GMT, post here 1 slogan (to avoid flood post) which desccribes the best WEBDOMAIN or its activities.

If your slogan is adopted, you'll receive a $10 payment through PayPal.

Below are few guidelines to help you. An effective slogan usually:
  • states the main benefits of the product or brand for the potential user or buyer,
  • implies a distinction between it and other firms' products - of course, within the usual legal constraints,
  • makes a simple, direct, concise, crisp, and apt statement,
  • is often witty, if it is required as not all advertising slogans are meant to be witty,
  • adopts a distinct "personality" of its own,
  • gives a credible impression of a brand or product,
  • makes the consumer feel "good",
  • makes the consumer feel a desire or need,
  • is hard to forget.

It's up to you now, be creative, be inspired and, please, be original.


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7,536 are some 9:44am in the morning and I got up at 5am attempts...

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Sorry if you don't like those attempts, its much to early in the morning for me to think.

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samurai said:
Got Host?
Sounds good.

Jordan Pardy said: are some 9:44am in the morning and I got up at 5am attempts...
Don't be sorry. Truly important is your participation. And you took part more than expected. :)
Nice contributions, some interresting catchy slogans. Though I find them way too classic. Thank you very much.


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Some more 10:25AM attempts...

So much better than the rest
Let us put your domain to the test

Still tired *yawn* lol