HELP: Upgrading old laptop Socket 479


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I need help upgrading an old 2005~ Samsung laptop with parts from a 2007 Dell inspiron 1520.

It seems that my single core 1.73ghz 512mb ram samsung laptop is choking these days and i wanna use parts from my Dell with a broken motherboard: CPU, RAM, HDD, video card (maybe)

The specs for my samsung are as follows:
Model: Samsung SENS x20
CPU: Intel Pentium M 740 socket 479 mPGA* / H-PBGA 479, PPGA 478** @1.73GHZ
Motherboard: SX20S
RAM: 2X 256MB DDR2 PC2-4200 266mhz
HDD: 55gb

*socket info from CPU-Z
**socket supported guide from Intel® Pentium® M Processor 740 (2M Cache, 1.73 GHz, 533 MHz FSB))
The specs for my DELL are not well known but:
Model: Dell Inspiron 1520
CPU: Intel Core 2 duo T7100 socket PBGA 479/ PPGA 478 @1.8ghz
Motherboard: unknown
HDD: 100GB
VIDEO: some 1gb NVIDIA low-mid range card from 2007
My main question is. Can I put the T7100 CPU into the samsung? Is it compatible? I've tried to do research on the web about the samsung motherboard but I was unsuccessful as this specific model was sold only in South Korea.

RAM: as long as theyre both DDR2 its ok no?
HDD: If I can upgrade, great; if I can't, no biggie.
Video Card: I don't even know if the samsung has a slot for it, also the power brick is fairly small compared to the Dell. again, same situation as the HDD.

Thanks in advance.