Help upgrading my computer... (i think psu might be the problem)


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Here are the current specs of my computer:
Intel 2.4 ghz
512 mb ram
nVidia 5700le (128 mb)
120 gb and 80 gb hard drive (both 7200rpm)
sound blaster audigy 2 value sound card
and what i think may be the problem:
----> stock gateway 160w power supply

So before I go out and spend money on a power supply I wanted to get some opinions if upgrading the power supply would actually make my computer work better (or if my computer just blows and i should shoot myself :p)

The reason I think that the psu is my problem is this: i bought a new audigy 2 sound card and when i installed it the card wouldn't work and the computer would shut itself off after a few minutes, so i took out the modem card that was in the computer and the extra ethernet card i had in there and now the computer works "fine" Basically by fine i mean that it works like it used to which is sucky.

I've been playing world of warcraft lately and its been running at an average of 10fps. my question is if my computer is just not getting enough power to fully use the video card that i bought or if it isn't using the full processor power that it can, or if thats just the type of performance i should expect from my pos computer.

I plan on building a new computer next semester when I have the money but until then if i can get this thing working a little bit better I'd be pretty happy. Thanks all!


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the PSU wont be able to support a setup like that with just 160 watts of power. So I would get a minimum of 450watts.
so find out some good brands of PSU mine is OCZ and I like it.
But look around and what not. but for sure get a new PSU.