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I am restoring my brother's computer, an HP 304w back to its original state. Because he did not have the restore disk I used F10 (per the HP website) and it restored just fine. (So far I have done it 2x to try to remedy the following issue). The problem lies in when I launch IE which is the original IE 6. It will load ok and then once I go to google and type a few letters it will crash. I used the report the error link but I get back no technical info. A couple of times I made it through to windows update page but I receive script errors. If it does load it doesn't load correctly so I couldn't select a link. When I go to windows update link from the control panel it opens a page that at the top says Can't access Windows update from Windows XP, Windows server 2003 or Windows 2000. I have even booted up in safe mode and it does the same. I finally got Opera downloaded and it works ok though when I tried to download a plugin for flash I received the error, The procedure entry point DecoderPointer could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll. I have seen these type of errors quite a few times that include the DecoderPointer and dynamic link library so not sure what that means. I went to the control panel and ensured the settings are to download the newest updates but the computer never updates. I also went to the HP support site and have updated a lot of the drivers and bios updates but none of that seemed to help. Any help is greatly appreciated!
1) I don't trust any Windows troubleshooting things...ever...they've NEVER worked for me.
2) Why use IE? Try installing Chrome or Firefox.
3) If another browser works and that one doesn't, that's a big clue. Some malware targets IE.
4) If all else fails, boot into safe mode and see what happens. Run MBAM and see what it finds while you're at it.
5) If THAT doesn't work, backup what you can and reinstall windows.
Yes don't always rely on windows troubleshooters, I would suggest chrome as it is a very good browser to use, Don't ever use IE, If I have had to reinstall windows I go into IE and download chrome then close it and then update everything in chrome. Yes boot into safe mode, I would suggest reinstalling windows to see if that gets rid of you issues..
Why are you going through all this on a 10 year old computer?

The biggest problem is you're using IE 6 which is horrendously outdated.

What OS are you using? XP?
what os are you running,
also what av are you running
check your system files using the command prompt using sfc /scannow to see if there are any problems with the system files.

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