Help to do a little upgarade.


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I want to do a little upgardes for my PC:
-I want to upgarde HDD
-I want tu upgrede Video Card
-I want to upgarde RAM Memory

My mainboard:

VIA P4M800/VT8237R+, Socket 478,
Micro ATX FSB800, DDR400
Video,6-CH Audio, 8USB 2.0 LAN, 3PCI
(P4M80M4-A01 VER:1.0)
(I know that somethings aren important , but i'm just coping)

Which type Is better?I hered that SATA , anyway I planning ti buy HDD 250GB SATA II, but I also can choose HDD 250 GB BUFFER for the same price

Video Card
I can choose GF 6200 AGP or GF 7300GT 256MB AGP from XFX(The 7300 cost double , and I dont see big diferens between properties of these two.)

I also can choose 7300GS 256 MB but PCI(And it costs like 6200 AGP), but I dont know what happens when you have bad AGP and good PCI(I have Nvidia GeForce 4 MX 440 AGP8x right now)

RAM Memory
I have 512MB and I want to buy 512MB more , but here I can choose into different things:
DDR 512MB PC226
DDR 512MB 333MHZ
DDR 512MB 400MHZ CL3 or CL2,5
DDR 2 512 MB 533 MHZ
DDR 2 512 MB 667 MHZ
Here I think my is 400MHZ(I m noob in RAM things), but which is better

OK, say me what do you think , and if you think that there may be better parts say it to me, thank you.


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Don't think the mobo supports sata II but I think that sata II hdds will still work, (please correct me if I'm wrong) but at a slower speed. So it would be the same speed between sata and sata II, but I'd go for sata II since it's more future proof.

Vid card: There is a pretty big difference between those cards. How much do you have to spend? But if those are your options then definitely the 7300GT for agp.

mobo supports up to ddr400 so that would be the ideal one. Faster ones are good if you are overclocking, though in your case you already have one ddr400 stick so the faster one won't help in overclocking unless you remove the old ddr400 one. But make sure that the one you have now is ddr400. And the lower the timings (CL etc) are the better. So the best one for you would probably be ddr 512mb 400mhz cl2.5


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I installed all hardware and I could run on my pc , and when its loading appears new HDD info and says that I need to press TAB , I press TAB and apperar DISK's BIOS , but up right corner says ,,The number of disk's in not adequade to create RAID,,.What can I Do?

I have two IDE slots-where in the first HDD(old) is connected and in second CD-ROM and DVD-ROM are connected
The new HDD is connected in JSATA slot and the both HDD arent connected