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unfortunately, i can't really do much else. I'm stuck with a computer in another room inside of a tiny apartment. I used to be connected directly to my router, but now that I use wireless, the performance hit is tremendous. I get 3 to 4 bars, and at 4 bars the connection strength is 67%. This obviously leads to a poor gaming experience. I've tried to alleviate that by moving the router closer by placing it on kitchen bar. This leaves about 8ft before it hits the wall where my router is. It boosts it just a bit.

Current Equipment:
Linksys wireless router - model wrh54g
D-link usb adapter -model WUA-1340

I was thinking about replacing the adapter or adding a signal booster - even considered running a 100ft Ethernet cable along the ceiling into the room. lol I don't know the correct course of action so, I'm posting here in hopes of getting some help.
While you can get a better signal by getting a signal booster your performance will still be hit (just not as bad). IMO i would go all out if possible and run an ethernet cable from the router to your room.

Would it be possible to move the router into your room?
In between the time of this posting and my reply, i tried pretty much everything i could... even a foil booster (youtube lol) which actually hampered the signal. So, I pretty much have a long ethernet cord running from one end of the apt to the other until i can either get better gear or tips on how to hide this thing. lol
If it is in an apartment you are going to be limited to hiding the cord under the rug (running the cord along the basebord and pulling up the rug along the way to stuff the cable underneith).

If this is a house i would run the wire through the ceiling. Much cleaner and you can actually create an ethernet jack in the room with the right equipment.
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