Help remove Ubunto 11.04 from computer


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here's the story
I recently purchased a computer with Ubuntu 11.04 already loaded on it. I'm a windows girl and thus much more comfortable in windows environ...however I was willing to try Ubuntu, it does look like a great program.

That aside, I can't use my own disks/programs on this computer, even though I was told all I needed was some windows compatible program like WINE to make things that run in a win environ work. I down loaded and installed WINE, to no use. I have tried to give Ubuntu a chance but I want to get rid of now and load my own XP on it.

I have tried using the XP disk to install over Ubuntu, but all I get is error messages. I have tried the Ubuntu disk and see if I can format the drive that worky. I'm getting beyond frustrated with this OS. This is not a Dual boot, I have found plenty of useless help for that, but I don't have Windows anything to restore from. I need to uninstall Ubuntu and install WinXp.

I would have thought it simple, but after days of trying and coming up with nothing that works and all the searching I have done I still haven't been able to format the Ubuntu OS off the computer. I can't even figure out if the computer has the necessary FAT files to load win on.

I have discovered something that I think is a Command line like DOS but the commands I know are different on this OS and I can't seem to get any of them to work right. If I am able to format the computer will there be anything left to actually load XP on to?



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Im not sure if these error messages appear because XP does not recognise the Ubuntu ext4 journaling system. I think you can split hard drive (20gb for ubuntu and the rest for XP) from Ubuntu disk utility and reformat the larger partition to NTFS or what ever type of partition youre comfortable with, that way the xp disc can recognise the hard drives. Have your XP disk in, then reboot and install through the boot prompts a (blue screen should appear). After the successful install of Windows you can go to 'Disk Management' (from Control Panel) and completely format the Ubuntu partition (appear as unknown partition and then format it then you need a 3rd party program to join your hard drive back). This is one way, Im sure there are other methods, but this is what I would do, if theres a better idea then you are welcome.