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Can anyone help me using windows xp pro and whenever i create a new folder it is always created as read only. This is bloody annoying as ive just found out when transfering files to my laptop which then i cant open due to the restrictions. Ive looked in group and user policys to try and find a way to prevent this but no joy. Anyone of you wizz kids out there tell me what to change to stop this happening?
your help is much appreciated.
further to my last post...

if i try and change it from read only it just reverts back when i close and open up the folder again. I have administrators rights so cant quite understand this. ?
Help please ! :confused:
check the properties on your hard drive. ensure that the archive function is not enabled.
I am having the same problem of trying to make a folder NOT "read-only" in Windows XP. Have anyone found a solution for this issue yet.

Thank you in advance,
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