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I have just upgraded my m8's pc with a new motherboard, cpu and memory, i have just installed a ASUS A7V8X motherboard with a athalon 2.4 ghz and 256 DDR memory, all seemed to be going well, put all bits back together and booted it up, it went straight to setup and asked to to set cpu speed so i left it in the lowest selection of 1800, i let it boot up and got the windows load screen, but then the problems start, i get 2 lines come across the screen the alot of blue lines but no full picture that can be seen correctly i have removed all componets and just installed the graphics card but still no luck

i have not cleared cmos or done anything with the bios, should i have or is there another prolem i could have.
the video looks ok when your first booting up and entring the BIOS?

Well thats good, it rules out a hardware problem. Try booting into safe mode and removing everything from device manager and rebooting into normal, it should redetect everything and re-install it.

If that doesnt do it you may have to format and re-install windows, sometimes when you change major hardware like MOBO, windows can get corrupted, its usually best to do a fresh install after a major upgrade.
I got that sorted, who would believe it was the monitor, changed monitor and problem solved, but i am still having a problem with the hardware in setup

the motherboard is KT400 supporting DDR400, which the memory is DDR400 and the cpu is a 2250Mhz, with the motherboard the cpu can be set lower than this and on startup it set it to 1800 say i would have to set up to go higher, this is the information on the screen if someone can help.

information when trying to set 2.2Ghz

CPU Speed [2250mhz]
CPU Freq multiple [13.5x]
CPU Freq [166/33]
memory frequency (mhz)[333] or [Auto] if i want 400 top 1 in manual, also change the rest

this is the information message i get in red on right habd side

Caution: According to cpu external frequency setting, system memory can only operate at freq higher than or equal to 333mhz please make sure the dram max frew is not less than 333 mhz

if setting are incorrect computer hangs, and i cannot seem to get the cpu to run at 2.2ghz

any ideas???
Specify the exact model of the Athlon XP processor you have - it looks like the 2800+ there.

Your motherboard may require an updated BIOS flash to alleviate the problem, unless stated otherwise, or if the CPU isn't properly supported - an updated BIOS usually fixes the problem.

Be sure your power supply can handle it, of course, as an item on the checklist.
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