Help Please


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Eversince earlier today when i clicked on a link about this 32" tv thingy i've been getting alot of pop ups and virus, i tried using Ad-Aware and Norton Anti-virus to get rid of them, but they just keep on comming back. I'll try to check on Win32 for any suspicious things later.

Any suggestion what i should do?
and does anybody know a good anti-virus i could get right now? i don't really think norton anti-virus is that great.

Don't want to have to reformat again.. -_-
did that a month ago and my sister kept on blabbing about me ruining computer since.



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get microsoft antispyware from

that works great for me and whenever i get spyware it stops it immediately!! If it keeps comin back i'd check ur temporary files!!! Thats were i got infected and i simply deleted the filess outta there and solved the problem!!