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I am getting an error message that says " An error occured preventing windows from checking the autenticity of the license"

I can boot into safe mode

I am using Windows XP Pro Legal copy
I have narrowed the problem down to the network, if I boot with safe and network enabled, I get the same error message but if I boot into safemode without network it works fine. Is there a way to disable network for now?
sure is.

right click on "my computer" then select the "hardware" tab. from there, click the "device manager" button. expand the "network adapters" group and right click on your nic and select properties. check the box that says, "disable in this hardware configuration" or something similar.

(I take no reponsibility if you change something you shouldnt while in the registry, If you change anything other than stated here, you could hose your system.)

1. Run regedit and go to: HKey_Local_MachineSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsNTCurrent VersionWPAEvents, on the right double click on "oobetimer" and change at least one digit of this value to deactivate windows.

2. Choose run from start menu and type in this command:
%systemroot%system32%msoobe.exe /a to get the activation screen and go to the second option which is activate by phone.

3. In the new screen choose the option to change product key, erase the one thats in there and put your key back in.

4. Close that window, reboot your system and enter the command in step 2 for the second time to verify your activation , you should see "windows is already activated".

Then re-enable your network and see if that does it. If not then you should probably call the phone # in the "Activate by phone section. They should be able to get it working since its a Legal copy.
Thanks Seloce and €cniv your suggestions the problem was
Problem Soved

that I could not get into windows to try your suggestions, the only way I was able to get in was via safemode, and that disabled all drivers nad that means your suggestions will not work.
Any, I reinstalled windows, and that corrected whatever the problem was. I will love to know what it was, and what caused it. Thanks again to €cniv and Seloce
well, actuall, in safemode you should have been able to try both of our suggestions, as you still get to a desktop, with a start menu, and access to the registry. You just would have had 16 colors and no internet.

What solved the problem? Did it just start working again?

Thats microsoft for ya.
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