Help please to get started with site building


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Ive got a few problems im new to this site building web page making game ... i want to ask a few qeoutions and get as many answers and ideas as possibe please it would be such a big help ....

well ive got Macromedia DX 2004 ... and i want to learn how to use dreamweaver to build my own site !!! is dreamweaver the only sofeware i need to build my site and get it up and running within the world wide web...
How Good is dreamweaver anyway???? i got it from a friend because i got told it was great for beginners and so easy to use ... Ive not really Decided yet on what to do my web page on anybody have any ideas because i want to try and get as many feautures like pictures and sounds and all that in basicaly just to learn .????

Also after gettin some knowlodge on how to do make and build and publish my site im very instrested on learning how to do FORUMS is it possibe to do Forums with dreamweaver do i need some other software or what.???? How do u do forums anyway how do there work ..????

Thanks alot people i would be very greatfull if use could help me to get a basic idea and get started...!!!!!!!


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hi pcmagic, I have dreamweaver aswell and use it to make and edit my sites, It is a good program to use for beginners to experts allthough I think you should learn some html as it will come in handy for certain stuff. As for making forums I am afraid this is not the easiest thing in the world and forums are useually programmed with php so if you really did want one I would suggest using a free one like (owned by the admin of these forums)