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I got this program called freeRAM xp pro, its freeware, anyways when i do nothing it says about only 22% ram is being used. Then i play bf2 and i see that it says about 60% is being used, now im just giving the number that its around, it goes up and down over time. Anyways thats not the point, under it, it says ram load, and when i play bf2 it goes from about 20% to 70%. Then i put up some other programs that use like 90% of ram but the load is only at about 40%. I wanna buy ram but i dont know if it will help for BF2 or not. Im at 512mb at the moment. I wanna know what load is and why does it go up so much. Does the speed of the ram really make a big difference? mine supports 400mhz, pc3200. Can someone help me?


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RAM makes abit of speed difference, I think the ram load is just how much of it is being forced into the applications or something. If you have more RAM, You would be able to open more programs and all that stuff, without slowing the PC down. Buy yourself another 1GB if possible, or just pick up a 512 stick.

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More RAM will definitely help with BF2. It will allow you to run it a higher settings with smoother gameplay. It would also help with other memory intensive apps. You should get at least another 512MB module for a total of 1GB. 2GB would be best for all out gaming.

Generally, the faster the memory, the better the performance. Unless you want to upgrade to PC3200, you should match the speed of the memory already installed in your comp for better compatibility.