HELP!!! Network Card on Dell Dimension 2300 Not Working Correctly


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Please HELP ME!!!

I have a Dell Dimension 2300 Running Windows XP, Service Pack 2.

This problem has been happening for all that I can remember. It has a network ethernet card that came with it. The ethernet cable is plugged in and functioning .(tested it with other computer)


1. I turn on my computer.
2. Network Card lights turn on and the data light starts blinking, signaling that it is sending/receiving data.
3. It boots up great.
4. I log in.
5. I click Start > Internet Explorer.
6. Internet explorer opens.
7. It does not load the page and just goes on to say (in the progress bar) "finding site:" and finally, says: The website cannot be displayed. Then, I click "Detect Network Settings" and it immediately puts me to MSN.Com and everything works. After a long while of inactivity, when I go to open Internet Explorer again, it does the same thing all over again.

Now, Someimes this works, too.

When I start up the computer, I go to internet explorer and it does not work. I close internet explorer and open up Command Prompt (cmd) and type:


It shows my IP address and everything looks great there (ip address is real and not just Then, I type:


The ping requests works fine. Once it is finished, I open Internet Explorer and, ta-dah, the internet works just fine.

I have tried different network cards and they all do the same thing. How can I fix this??? It is really annoying and frustrating

Thanks in advance for any tips/help given!



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Does your PC still have a Dell warranty? If so, I'd say call them, and they'll help you out. If not, well, it could be a lot of things. It personally sounds like an IE problem with settings. You should at least run diagnostics on the PC before going any further. With Dells, you can boot and select to boot to the diagnostic partition. You need to go in there and test your onboard NIC. If there is an issue there, that would most likely show the problem to you. Starting Dell Diagnostics