Help needed with Palm Tungsten T3 Calendar


Beta member
I still use the 2003 Palm Tungsten T3 Calendar intensively, despite most of my work being on the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPad Pro.

The T3 allows me to search 30,000 calendar records and notes (accumulated over 21 years) in 6-7 seconds. The iPhone 11 (to which I am able to transfer my T3 calendar items) takes ten times as long (using the Fantastical app, since Apple Calendar does not allow searching more than one year back). Of course searching on my iMac or MacBook is very fast, but I cannot carry these with me.

My problem is that the T3 Calendar program seems to have reached full capacity at about 4.8MB, despite the T3 still having over ten times capacity available. I need to be able to allocate more of that spare capacity to the T3’s Calendar program so I can continue to input more calendar data into the T3.

How can I get hold of a software engineer familiar with the T3, who would be able to help me with this and other T3 items?* *Any guidance would be much appreciated. I would be prepared to pay if necessary.