Help me!


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Hi I am new here because I just encountered a problem and I don't know what to do anymore. I've never had any problems before. Today when I got on my laptop everything was fine no problems at all, then I decided to play a game of League of Legends. Afterword my laptop disconnected from the internet and, I was unable to connect back to the internet.

I tried making sure all of my network adapters were up to date and working properly and everything checked out fine. I also tried disabling my network adapter and re-enabling it again because I heard that often worked but to no avail. So I tried restarting my laptop and it made no difference. What would happen is my laptop would connect to my network then disconnect repeatedly and never stabilize. However I know my internet connection was not the issue because my desktop at the time was connected the the internet and was working fine. So after that i shut down my laptop completely and power cycled my router and modem and turned my laptop back on and I was connected to the internet again.

This was fine for a while until I tried playing League again.. once I tried getting into a game the same thing happened as before with the internet connecting and disconnecting over and over. I sent a support ticket to Riot addressing the issue to get their say on the matter but i'm not that tech savvy so any opinions from you guys would be helpful because I am just stumped. :confused: and bored because I want to play League..