Help me find a good video card


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What is a very nice video card that I can buy that wil easily be able to support HL2, Far Cry, Painkiller, Doom3 and games of this magnitude. My price range is around 100-200$ and... There is one small problem... My new gateway computer has a low profile case, which makes it about half the width of normal computers..... this means that the cideo card has to be low profile, or low profile capable...

Thanks for your help!



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hmm dont know about this low profile crap but the card I would suggest in that pricerange would be.

Radeon 9600 XT $130 - $150


Geforce 5700 $112 - $137

you can choose different models or stores or whatever.

here is a benchmark and the Radeon 9600 XT totally kicks the 5700 trash. So I would suggest the 9600 it totally kicks trash.

While in th beta build of CS:Source I remeber a few people mentioning they have this card and saying that they were getting good frames so the 9600 xt would be my recommendation.