Help me cool this Puppy...

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I know this is lengthy and I'm hoping someone will spend the time to answer it!
1) I'm looking for guidance on setting up this system any advice would be greatly appreciated.
2) I have already purchased all of this hardware + fans/PS/CPU etc. (Even though it may not
be your Chosen options, they are mine, so please do not give me advice on better parts/options
As I'm not planning on purchasing another thing) I do not want to appear to be rude but my budget
is exhausted. Thank You it's really is appreciated.
Here's the list ( b/c I appear to have many ways of going with this I am myself confused on the best way)

CASE: Thermaltake Xaser II 6000 Plus (This case has 5 fans already installed 80x80x25mm Silent Fan, 21dB
-Front x2
-Rear x2

I replaced the one on the window for a smartfan II which has these options:- SMART FAN II, P/N : A1357
Function 1 Full Speed 4800rpm
Function 2 Temperature Auto Control
Function 3 Manual Adjustable Fan Speed
Control 1300rpm~4800rpm

The case also has a hardcano installed which has a sensor I can place under CPU or anywhere inside which I
can control the temperature on.
CPU/HEATSINK: Silent Volcano 9 "CoolMood" cooler, AMD 2400+
This has three functions:- 1) Full Speed 4800 rpm 2) Temp. Control, Fan Speed Auto Control Setting: 1300rpm at 20 ºc~ 4800rpm at 55 ºc Temp. Sensor attach to CPU or Heatsink 3) Adjustable Manual Fan Speed Control From 1300 rpm to 4800 rpm (This actually has the same functions as
the fan I replaced on the side window.

This power supply has many options with sensors/manual and more for setting up.

GRAPHICS: ATI 9700 Evil Commando 2 Gold by PowerColor
MOBO: Asus A7V8X
RAM: 256MB DDR PC266 SDRAM Memory (Centon) Currently will be adding more!
DVD: Pioneer 16X Slot
If you got this far down maybe you can now answer my question as to cooling this puppy, how should I setup the fan monitors regarding which monitor to hook up to the hardcano, which option to use with the Power Supply (Manual/Auto) whether I should just use the window smartfan at full speed or to use it to monitor maybe the ATI 9700?
Thanx in advance if you can help me, I have 1 week from today b4 I build this.
Wow that was lengthy :) Seems like you have plenty of fans, just get them all hooked up and running. Unless you are going to be overclocking this rig, the 5 fans is more than plenty. I run a 1.5ghz P4 with 512ram and an overclocked TNT2, and I only run two case fans (one physically mounted to the case, another on the power supply), a CPU fan, and a custom fan mounted on the heatsink of the TNT2 to blow heat out of the card. I never get BSODs from overheating, and the case has minimal vents, but it never gets warmer than about luke-warm. The only concern for that setup would be overclocking-the CPU and Radeon both come with their own fans that work quite well.
your on a budget? LOL!!! That is a pretty nice system... The only thing that I can think of u getting is a water cooling system
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