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Hello, I am new to these forums, so for the sake of formalities, hi everyone! I seek your knowledge :p
Anyhow, I have been looking for a monitor to replace my current one, and I have narrowed my search to two monitors...

Click here to see the monitors in question.

I am fully capable of comparing the technical statistics of these monitors, and I understand that the hyundai-imagequest SEEMS to be the better monitor. However, the last monitor that I purchased online was not at all what the statistics had made it out to be, and I require a quality display for the work that I will be using it for.
My dilemma is this: I am unable to find reviews of either monitor, or for that matter, much information at all beyond what is on the above page. I was hoping to find some people here who could tell me of their bad/good experiences with these monitors or their brands. If there is noone who can tell me this, then please recommend any 19" shadow mask monitor (the magnetic fields in my house distort the color on trinitron monitors), that you have and like.

Many thanks to all who reply. :)
I have been using Viewsonic for years and find them to be the sharpest and most reliable monitors around.
I have to agree with ViewSonic. I have a ViewSonic PF-790. I use to use it for AutoCad, now my 5yr old uses it for games. It was a toss-up between ViewSonic and Sony Trinitron. I was more impressed with Viewsonic when I finally saw them side by side. I am speaking of CRT's and not LCD,s. I plan on getting a flat screen LCD soon. By the way, anyone have ideas on the best LCD.

From the specs listed the Hyundai appears to have the definite advantage, that is, if the two monitors your referring to have not changed on the page:

Imagequest - Hyundai Q910

ViewSonic G90FB

The Viewsonic at 19' will only go 1280x1024 w/85hz refresh rate, to me that is unacceptable for a 19' inch monitor. The refresh is fine, but the recommended 1280x1024 leaves something to be desired.

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PLC said:
By the way, anyone have ideas on the best LCD.

Mike!!! [/B]

If anything go with a high contrast ratio, something like 500:1-650:1. Thinking higher is better. Also, there is a misunderstanding about LCD's and why they are so expensive, they are actually cheap:freak:

The LCD's currently being produced are never the same as the preceding and thus inconsistent and oftentimes show glitches, so make sure when you do get one, you look over the screen well before the receipt or extended warranty runs out. They may also after a year or two, begin to burn out and start showing blank black squares on the screen. This isn't meant to deter you, just a friendly caution, most LCD's are absolutely fine.

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Thanks a lot guys :)
I have yet to make a decision especially in light of the confusing contrast in information given on that site and imagequests. On the imagequest site that monitor (the Q910) is a 17" NORMAL shadow mask monitor. The 19" FLAT shadow mask monitor (P910) made by imagequest is LESS expensive on the monitors direct site. Of course the problem I have is that I have never seen a 17" monitor that displays 1600x1200 rezolution by default. Quite strange if you ask me.
yeah, the best way is to go to a store, so you can see it in person and touch it and all of that other good stuff.
The problem is that there is no place that carries the monitors that I would be interested in looking at within a 100 mile radius of my house :(
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