Help me build a new gaming system budget: ~$700


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Ok, so ive been wanting a new system that can handle some mid to high graphics settings on most games. I am not really that tech savvy in terms of hardware and have never put together my own computer before. I have a budget that I'd like to stay around of $700.

Willing to but don't yet know how:confused: Would prefer a system that worked well at factory settings and save overclocking for times when I'm feeling nerdy.

Parts Already Owned---
Moniter: 23" Samsung
OS: Windows XP or 7 for free through my school
Keyboard and mouse

Budget: ~$700 (willing to go higher if there are some parts that the system just will not be complete without but $1k is max)

Parts Needed---
Video Card:
Hard Drive:
DVD drive:

I was also wondering if this would be a good start
or,2655.html (I know this is for $1000, but their benchmark results were better than anything i needed. They had Crysis at very high settings running at 40 fps (50 overclocked) which is probably more than i would even be able to see the difference)
Please, feel free to start from there, comment on these builds or completely start completely from scratch

I really appreciate the help


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harddrive pick something with a lot of space
at least 3gigs of ram
dvd drive really doesn't matter
the case shoud really depend on you taste of looks


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Damn that seems pretty awesome. Was wondering about your thoughts on a few things

Is there any difference between the graphics card you suggested and

and is it worth while to spend the extra money on the CPU to go from the 940 to the

Lastly, will this power supply be able to handle the extra strain if i did decide to overclock?

Thanks for the help


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I've read that the X6 provides marginal performance over the phenom quad cores, at least when it comes to gaming. If you wanted to spend a little extra, look into buying the Phenom II 955 black edition instead. I've read mediocre things about the Vapor-X series of video cards, but perhaps another brand might be better than the one I suggested. Overclocking doesn't put very much extra undue strain on your power supply, I wouldn't worry about it. If you want to see how the power supply will handle your computer, you can enter the components into this calculator:


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I wouldnt pay extra for a 965, the 955 and 965 are the exact same processors except that the 965 has a higher multiplier than the 955. you can easily bump up the multi on a 955, I have a friend who got his to 4.35 GHz really easily.


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Made a few changes so I could get combos with a high rated memory more compatible with an AMD system and threw in a 8GB flash drive for an extra $10

RAM and Case(Antec 300)

5770 Video and flash drive

Motherboard and 1055T

Power Supply and DVD drive


CPU Cooler
Not sure about the fan since it is compatible with the AM3 socket but does not mention AMD x6 under CPU Support( Do i really need an extra fan is is that only for OCing)

Total: $750 (includes shipping. before $45 MIR, total does not include fan)

Any last suggestions?


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Anyone know if i need that fan. I ordered the rest of the parts but the fan was going to take a lot longer and i got pissed off. Is there an equivalent choice from newegg that i can get or do i need it at all if im not going to be overclocking for a while or should i get that amazon fan and just install it later?