Help if possible (Hyperterminal problem)

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What is happening regards Hyperterminal V 5.6, if that helps any.

Problem is this, I can succesfully connect to my isp, enter my username, but when it requests the password, it will not accept input of any sort, typing on the keyboard, copy-paste, etc. does anyone know why?
hmm, are you assuming this because it does not display? I know this may sound foolish, but many servers hide passowrds and look like they are not entering. Try typing it out slowly and correctly the first time and then pressing enter, see if any text displays.
no, I'm assuming this becuase I do as you say, and yet it still says wrong password whatever stuff.

Its very frustrating, I know I have a shell account, I know how to use it, but I can't get to it.
I take back what I said, I DON'T have a shell account, my ISP for some reason tends to think telling people that they have a shell account when the ISP doesn't even provide shell accounts will help them.

No chance in hell I'm continueing with this ISP. Oh well, planned on leaving their crap service anyway.
Sucks.....alot, but luckily I'll have a new isp VERY soon, that does provide REAL shell accounts. Not one wtih lying tech support that calls ppp access a shell account...on purpose.
If it tells you anyhting about whether I fixed my problem or not, I'll just say that my computer doesn't have unix installed and yet I am here using unix...
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