help identifiying power connector, sounds weird, just read

k, i have not seen the movie ALIEN.

there is a thing in the movie, the motion tracker....

u see in white there is a what i think power connector for a comp.

the guys at RPF are lookin for this. (they are on a quest for all of the stuff on there but currently on this piece)

so i know these things are like so generic but is there any possibility there might be some special make or something on this? if not, just is there one that looks EXACTLY like it?

the guys at RPF probaly says thanx, i dont want to put words in their mouths though.

right below the power connector, are like 5 vertical lines. could that be a heatsink to some old comp or a vid card or something

something i noticed. the connector and heatsink (maybe) are then mirrored on the other side...just saying (if you have no idea what i am saying, just say)


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do you have a picture of the part you are interested in with
A a better resolution.
and B without a white box covering some of the part we are meant to be looking at...

if you thikn it's an AT / ATX supply then there would be a small white release lever on the side of the plug... but you drew over that!!!

other than that... I doubt that is is this, if you look at the other side, it's just texture on the handle and not a 'working' part.


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I agree with Root, it don't look like the plug for the power supply.

Quick question what's the wires for in the bottom of the picture??


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I don't exactly get what this thread is about. Is that from the film Alien?

If so, it probably wasn't a real working prop... Though it is true it could have had a computer in it that worked, yet, I don't think it would have had the need for that much cooling.

You don't see standard electronics around with heatsinks and fans, etc.

Looks to me though like some kind of connector to connect other devices to it. Like an old style USB port, or in the case of Alien, hehe, a future USB port :p

So maybe just maybe, that technologoy used in that thing above isn't available yet :p
Check out the insides and see where the thing is powered from, then follow the leads :p

What do you need a motion detector for? :p