HELP!!!! How do you get acceess to the Smart Bro Canopy!


Beta member
Hey guys! I am currently using a smart bro internet connection is there any way to get to the canopy i already did the private address before i got in the canopy i didn't know what to do so i canceld it and now i did some research that you can change the internet speed with canopy. So i did it gain and now the private address cant be used any more.

So i tried to search for any other ways to get to the canopy there is the one that changes your ip address to then subnet mask to and dns servers to noting. Then i opened cmd and typed in arp -a my 192 address came out not the ip address for the

And by the way i have a Linksys Wireless-G broadband router WRT54G2. Does this have a any connection?

Tell me if you know how to hack into the smart bro canopy. :)