Help, Excel went bad!

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I'm not sure which category this post would go in, so I put it in here in hopes of getting some help...

I have Windows ME OS. I use an excel document very frequently for keeping track of several important things. Somehow that document got lost. It was not deleted. (I looked in the recycle bin) The name of the document is still in the list of other documents I have saved in My Documents. When I open it, it is completely blank. I did a search for it and only came up with the blank document. All other excel documents that are also used frequently still work right. I don't keep a back up copy of it on disk just because I use it so much. Is there any way of retrieving this document off of my hard drive. Any help would be greatly appreciated.....
i don't know the extent of your spreadsheet but are you on the right tab?
The spreadsheet contained 5 different worksheets and all the tabs had been renamed appropriately. Now there are only 3 tabs and they have no name.

I'm not going to find it am I? :(
I would doubt it.. not without sending it away to some disk doctors that specialize in that kind of thing.
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