Help! constant noise internet related issue


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Sometimes on my computer, i get a constant info sound, one that you would hear from windows when something happens (high pitched dong)
The only way i can stop is go to task manager and end an application called "conecting....-internet explorer" or something close to that. It is getting annoying shutting it down all the time.

I also have a different problem, my homepage is always set to one that I can't change, and these adult links keep on getting added to my favourites. I know it is spyware, how can it be stopped since norton can't seem to pick it up?


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I can't help with the dodgy noises, however, I can help with the Spyware for you.

Download that program (yes it is safe) and run it. It'll show you all the bad crap on your computer (spyware only) and you can just delete it all safely. Once that is done, you should be able to change your Homepage, and simple delete the Adult site entries from your Favourites. Use the program frequently. Just looking at a site with Pop ups has a big chance of installing Spyware onto your computer.

- Rocker -

David Lindon

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The sound looks like it is also being generated by spyware. Run the program Rocker suggested at is should sort it.