HELP!!! Computer keep rebooting


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Hi guys,

I dont know why my computer keep rebooting. I built that half year ago, and It was fine until now.: ( If im lucky enough, I could use the computer more than 30 minutes b4 it shut down by itself. I removed all the dust and checked the temperature, it was fine. Also scanned the whole PC, no virus.

Do you think my PSU is causing this problem? 500w is not enough?
Please help.

Thank you so much.

Intel Core i7 920
Ausu P6T motherboard
GTR 500W Power Supply
DDR3-1333 2GB x3

Cooler Master Hpyer N520 Cooler
Gelid Solutions Gelid Wing 12 1500 RPM 120 MM Fan
Gelid Solutions Gelid Wing 8 2000 RPM 80 MM Fan

Hitachi 500 GB
Seagate 1TB
Seagate 500GB
GF 9500 display card
Pioneer 20X DVD
Windows 7 64bit


Fully Optimized
Download and run Memtest86+.

If the RAM's good then i'd have a go with a different PSU. 500W is enough for your set up but maybe a more reliable 500W supply would be better.