Help! Computer freezing on boot

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I was doing something incredibly stupid. I was screwing in a loose screw on my motherboard while the computer was on.

Anyway, while doing so, the computer shut off. After that, when I tried turning it on it would just randomly shut off before I could boot.

So, I took out my CPU, and put it back in. Then, it stopped shutting down like that. But now, it would just freeze the moment I started windows. At the moment it won't even get that far. It gets to the windows loading screen and then freezes completely.

I can however, boot in safe mode, and safe mode with networking and it will not freeze, although it will be slow. My co-worker said this sounded like it could be a driver issue. Makes sense to me, but how do I figure out what the problem is?

I initially thought CPU because of the problem earlier, but now I'm not sure.

I ran memTest to check my RAM, and went through the cycle 30 times and got 0 errors so I think my ram is ok.

My display works fine so I assume my video card isn't the problem either.

Pretty much leaves either CPU or motherboard, or both. Unless its possible that this corrupted my hard drive and I just need to erase my partition and reinstall windows from scratch, but I kind of doubt it.

Did I ground something out?

Anyone have any idea, and any ways I can test my other hardware components?

That sounds to me that it could possibly be your motherboard. If i were you id take your mobo out and test it with a friends computer (if you have a lot of time) and do the same with your cpu. Thats the only way you can really know for sure. To my knowledge(i dotn no if im right or wrong) but i dont think that could be driver related not if this started happening after you made that mistake with the loose screw.

Sorry if i cant be of more help.

Try checking other forums out with people that have the same problem.
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