Help!! Can I uninstall a previous OS?

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I'm running XP Pro, relatively trouble free, but I'm concerned about the fact that my hard drive (29gb FAT32) is 85% full despite me having removed practically everything I can think of!!

Is it safe for me to uninstall my previous OS (98SE) or it it forming the backbone of my set up?
No, its is not useful for anything.

Removing it is 100% safe.
Dudes / chaps....

I'm having a ridiculous time here!!

My Kazaa Lite folder (Forgive me Lord) shows a healthy 1,921.00mb of crap in the "add remove progs" but in the file folder itself it's only got 132mb...I know the add remove is, most times, an estimate but this is waaaaaay out!

I've also discovered a folder in my programmes folder called I386...what in thundering blue God is this? it contains a MASSIVE load of stuff I've no idea about!

I've also got two folders WINDOWS & Win98 - which needs to "go"?

Feel free to promote me from Virgin Techie anytime now!

OK. The kazaa folder should have inside of it a "MY shared Folder"

That has all the files or parts of files in it. Delete stuff from there.

I386 is where the temporary data for the windows installation is kep (IE. the .cab files)

WINDOWS is the folder for XP, delete the win98 folder.

Hope this helps.
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