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ok its my first time buying a cam so i don't know what i am doing, but ive got 240 to spend and i would perferly like it if it would come with software that allows you to edit the video. and is linkable with a pc via usb.

plus anyone know wats the diffrence between a 80 pound 1gb sd memory and a £17.00 sd memory tick ???


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well i doubt that you will get a 1gb stick for 17pounds.... So there is the difference right there. You are probably getting a smaller card.

Also you really cannot send video thru USB (im talking a loseless copy of the original video) you can send video thru USB if your camcorder encodes it to like an mpeg but the quality will suffer.

This cam will allow you to use it as a webcam over USB....
And transfer the video over firewire (im talking the video that you shot on tape)

This really isnt a camcorder i would highly recommend, but we have the US version on display at work and its decent.
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