help and support wont start

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i am a novis,dont know if i am in the right forum ,
my problem is when i click help and support in start nothing happens,
i dont get any error messages ive checked its on automatic and clicked the start still cant start it please help
thanks joe
Sounds like a lovely sp2 problem....try uninstalling sp2 and see what happens. You can always re-intall sp2 if that update "rings your bell!".
thank you all for your help,tribalsun i clicked your link and downloaded the help and support,where before i was not getting a error massage i am now,it says windows cannot find helpctr.exe i have run spywere and virus scan, is there something wrong with the i said i am a novis so please explain so i can understand
thanks joe
found registry helpctr.exe right reads c:\winnt\pchealth\helpctr\binaries\helpctr.exe should winnt read windows whot is winnt
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