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My brothers computer this time, he left it on overnight and I guess windows updated with something.

I start up his computer and it says start windows normally or use the repair function(recommend option)

I start the repair and it doesn't do anything to fix it.

It's a windows vista computer btw.

And I can't get past that screen.

Btw, the other option to just run it regular keeps loooping while it loads.
Yes but you need a Vista Disk.

Recovering the Vista Bootloader from the DVD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

Step 1 has a link to a vista Recovery CD that you can use to do it. Step 2 in the image you want the System Restore option.

Ok, I will try to find a Cd. ^^

My brother said some guy gave him a link and he opened it and his comp froze before it didn't turn on again.

Thanks for your help, will get back to you when I find a Cd.


Any clue on why?
Dont write it with Max Speed. Try using 8x or slower.
You downloaded the Torrent and used a program like µTorrent to get the full file correct? The file you download is not the Recovery CD itself but a torrent to the file.

If you did that, try downloading it again. I know that file is good as i created it myself for NeoSmart and i am one of the many people uploading it.
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