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Hi to everyone.

I need help.

I created an image copy (1:1 copy) of the game GTA III to my hard drive with Fantom CD (do you know?). Then I burned the image on a new cd.

GTA III consists of 2 CD, an installation CD and a game CD. I made the copy for a personal back up (I have the original) and to test the potentiality of the software mentioned.

As I've already installed the game on my PC, in order to test the quality of the copy, I tried using the game CD copied to start the game, but it doesn't work (no message from the OS).

The game is particularly protected? I suppose it uses "only" securom2 protection, with some reading errors between 800 and 10000 sectors - no problem with fantom CD and with my plextor writer to pass them.

NOTE: fantom CD is a software that emulates the cd rom drive on your hard drive, so that the images of games created on your hard drive can work without using original cd.

Fantom is like Daemon then..
I suggest you use CloneCD next time to creat a 1:1 copy.
Also you may need the crack (can be found on gamecopyworld) for gta III..
good luck m8.
Yes, Azury, Fantom CD is like Daemon tool. But included with Fantom CD software there is a tool you can use to burn the image into a new cd, without using another burning software.

Ok, I'll search the "crack", but I don't understand why an image on your hard drive that can work without original cd (in cdrom emulation mode), cannot when I burn it on a new cd.

Thank for the quick reply
can't work because you need to be very knowledge able to make a perfect original image (you need to know how to fake the fakes and errors the company is doing to prevent this kind of action). These programs don't fake the fakes and errors abnaturaly without a human-guidenece..


btw, there are sites which explain how to order these programs to do what you wish (every protection and its guidenece).. but due-to legal motives I can't link you..
yeah, nicely said :)
Art is beautiful, but Copying it can be a harder..
but of course, cd copying ain't that complicated, yet..
What I did was made 1:1 copys from clone cd, both cds.

What I found I was, the copied ones ONLY work on NON CD RW drives. so, if u have a burner and a DVD or regular just CD, put the copied cd on that, but not your burner.
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