Help 230sec boot time XP

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Hi GURU group,

I am running XP home edition, which came with my Dell inspiron 8200.
My boot up takes forever, I downloaded bootvis and ran a trace. Found out my Log on & Services has 188 sec init time.
I shut off all my start up apps & non MS services with msconfig, Made no difference.

1.7Ghz Intel Pentium4-M
512 Ram
30G Hard drive
32Mb Nvidia Geoforce

Also did a bootlog and some .sys devices are not loading.

Any Ideas????



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Hi Ezmerelda,

with the INtel Pent 4 chips, in the BIOS, they have an option under Boot,, that is called "intel rapid boot...." something or other, any how, this is standard option with all P4 chips,, this should be ENABLED,, if not it adds about 20-30 secs ONTO the POST!!!

plus reviewing your log,, are you sure that there is not a Driver/IRQ issue or something there,, seems that your NIC and SOUND card are at ODDS with each other,,

they too could be taking time trying to sort out who is the boss,,, has this happened since purchase, or is this a new thing since adding some hardware by chance??

be :)

you might want to remove your soundcard from the system via device manager, then reboot and time it again,, possibly the PNP part might also need sorting out,,

Did you not receive any support from Dell's Award Winning Platform ..*cynical snicker*

Just funnin' ,, I have a Dell as well,,, and Did I tell you how helpful their support desk is?? LOL :)

sounds like you are on the right track,, you have checked out the startup folder too right,,, seems that NAV is also experiencing some issues ,,

good luck

cheers :)
By using msconfgi only the startup services are removed but this doesn't make any difference but it is good must see if any of your devices are taking time to get identified by your BIOS and try to resolve their problems and the rest of the boot will be fast...detecting hardware at every boot up takes the real time.
Thank you very much for the input!
I think I have found my problem, I don't know how to fix it but I think I found it.

I have an unused network connecton, When I try to disable it, I stall and then go to not responding. I am sure this is my boot up time hog, but I have no idea how to get rid of ot if I can't disable it through device manager.

any help is appreciated,
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