Hello...Nice Site

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Welcome Chris...it is really fun here, just watch out for Dante, he likes to tell on people that run webservers on AT&T Cable modems...hahahahhaah

Hope you like it here:D

PS, I'll be at your house for Christmas!!
(You can probably tell i checked out your website, nice!!!:D
Two words come to mind, my mom used these when i was younger...

tattle tale!
lol...Thank You. It uses PHP Nuke. I was designing my own site for a long time until I realized I was always happy with a design until I saw a better one somewhere else and I was tired of redesigning. And its much easier to integrtate the forum too. What are the things at the bottom or your guys' replys that sais "units" and "score" and "rank"??

PS Im going to be opening a hosting company here soon if anyone wants to buy hosting plan. Our only plan formulated so far is $5/month or $50/year with 50 Mb of Space and 500 Mb of Bandwidth. If anyones interested :)
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